Top Three Social Media Tools for Content Creators

In this episode, Hannah Lynn Miller, a social media expert, and blogger, shares her top tips for content creators. She discusses the platforms she uses the most and introduces helpful software for video editing. Hannah emphasizes the importance of creating content that you are passionate about and that helps others. Tune in to learn more about her journey as a content creator and gain valuable insights for your own content creation endeavors.

Software mentioned in this video:

I use descript to edit video, podcasts, and social media video posts:

I use flodesk for email marketing. Get 50% off using my flodesk link:

I use Metricool to schedule and plan out content for my client’s social media platforms:

Last but not least visit for a team to help you with your social media marketing.

[00:01:22] Editing video content efficiently. [00:05:12] Instagram analytics and growth. [00:10:54] Automating email workflows. [00:12:38] Three essential tools for creators.

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