The Time I Sold My Camera for Brand Coaching

I regret this to this day…”

The Time I Sold My Camera

The time I sold my camera for brand coaching. 

I still regret this to this day. I paid a substantial amount to an influencer for brand coaching. She was getting brand deals and I wanted to take my brand to the next step. I wanted brand deals like she was getting…. so, I sold my camera to pay her to teach me to do what she was doing. 

Because I was barely making money with my business at that time, it was quite a sacrifice. As I spent a month with her once a week I soon realized I made a huge mistake. I knew everything she was telling me until maybe the last session. What could have been a simple 30 min conversation, turned into a waste of time and resources. 

…And on top of that, I was out a camera. 

When you are just starting out it is important to spend your time and resources wisely. I get that. And if you just want to take your business to the next step but have no idea which direction to go, it helps to just talk to someone who has done it all to help you create a game plan. 

This is why I created a 30-minute brand coaching session for only $50. (so you won’t have to sell your $700 camera) Yes! It’s cost-effective and you will receive:

  • a website audit including SEO tips
  • social media marketing audit
  • A marketing plan
  • brainstorming with a pro

All you have to do is click the button below to book a time that works best for you.